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As surely as trees grow up they will someday come down. The cause of this is often decay started by insect and disease damage. Infected trees may look perfectly healthy but when enough wood is affected it doesn't take a full-blown hurricane to bring one down. An untimely gust is often sufficent.

Homeowners concerned about the health and strength of certain trees close to their living space can now call Conserv-A-Tree to have the inside 'support' wood of those trees tested for dangerous rot. Our state-of-the-art wood strength testing system, the IML Resistograph, uses a small diameter needle to bore into suspect trees and measure and record the relative resistance of the inner wood. No damage is done to the tree in the process. The results are actually printed out on graph paper for analysis by one of our technicians who can make the appropriate recommendations.

Call us now to take the first step in learning which, if any, of the trees in your living space pose a threat to you and your family. Rest a little more easily when a strong wind blows near your home