Conserv-A-Tree of Huntington, NY provides green landscaping and installation that creates living privacy screens, renovates overgrown foundation plantings and preserves existing perennials and trees.

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Green Landscaping Services
Conserv-A-Tree Landscaping Service can enhance the value of your property. Our green landscaping approach is an attractive and natural alternative to the high cost of more elaborate designs. Conserv-a-Tree has over 30 years experience in planting and maintaining healthy trees and shrubs for Long Island homes and businesses.

Green Landscape Design and Installation
Conserv-A-Tree Landscaping Service reviews your needs and evaluates your existing plantings. We preserve your valuable specimen plants and save money by relocating rather than replacing. Our specialized equipment and expertise permits us to safely move large shrubs and trees up to 14” in diameter.

Need a privacy screen?
Let Conserv-A-Tree Landscaping Services design and install a living fence that combines year-round privacy with the beauty of living plants.

Overgrown foundation plantings?
Overgrown plants can hide a home’s beauty and restrict cooling breezes. Conserv-A-Tree Landscaping can recommend new choices for foundation plantings and transplant your existing perennials.

Need highlights and accents?
We have a large selection of specimen plants to use as accents and points of interest in your landscape along with the expertise for proper planting.

Adding or replacing large evergreens?
We can provide and plant large evergreens in your landscape. Being tree specialists, we know how to pick and plant healthy trees that will beautify your landscape for years.

Creating large outdoor spaces or considering major renovations?
For more extensive design services we partner with quality contractors to achieve the look you desire.